How To Become Better – Tips and Tricks for Aerial Photography

improve aerial pgotography Tips and Tricks for Aerial Photography

What Are The Tips And Tricks For Aerial Photography?

It is hard to give up the chance to jump into a helicopter and spend an afternoon taking great shots of a beautiful natural landscape or cityscape. It is the sort of experience that many amateur photographers don’t get the opportunity to enjoy all that often, which means that every shot needs to count.

There is nothing worse that going over your photos from the day to find that half or more ruined by bad technique or other factors.

The following five aerial photography tips are simple precautions and tricks that you can employ to increase your success rate.

1) Plan Ahead And Know Your Route.

A fast-paced helicopter ride can lead to information overload if the path and landscape are entirely new to you. If you have an idea of what is coming, you have a better chance of preparing for a great shot.

You can’t stop a plane in mid-air and reverse to try again, so the more prepared you are for critical shots, the better they will turn out. There will always be surprises on the way, but it helps to know when you are approaching an interesting shot in the landscape.

2) Be Aware When Shooting With A Wide-Angle Lens.

save wiode angle Tips And Tricks of Aerial Photography

Wide angle lenses are ideal for those sweeping shots of vast expanses of wilderness, or those panoramic skylines, but other elements can creep into shot without you noticing – most notably the helicopter blades.

They can be edited out with software, but you don’t want to be caught out. In addition to this, try and add in a fast zoom to your wide angle lens. Using the right equipment can make your trip so much better.

3) Think About Your Shutter Speed.

aerii Tips And Tricks of Aerial Photography

The faster, the better with aerial photography, so set your camera to AV mode (or your model’s equivalent) let the light in and increase the speed.

A high ISO, somewhere above 640, can also help a lot. It’s better to make a lot of noise capturing the perfect shot than to risk a blurry photo. Is is also advisable to use some I.S or V.R lenses if you can.

4) Don’t Forget That The Windows Of The Chopper Can Have A Massive Impact On The Quality Of Your Photographs.

window of the cjhopper Tips And Tricks of Aerial Photography

Some camera operators are lucky enough to shoot with the doors open, but you might have a window as a barrier. This reflective barrier poses a couple of problems when creating a realistic, attractive image – your reflection could be visible in the picture, and you may get some distortion if you are using the wrong type of filter.

Wearing black can help here. In addition to this, it is important to remember not to use the door or window to stabilize the camera because of the vibrations.

5) Don’t Spend All Your Time Which Looking Through The Viewfinder.

This final tip is important for two reasons. Firstly, it takes you out of the real experience of being up in the air and doesn’t give you an exact sense of the sights ahead of you.

Secondly, some photographers can get a little nauseous. Ground yourself by looking out the window and work on the screen.


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