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DJI Phantom 3 Best Drones for Aerial Video/Photos

Drone For Aerial Photography

With the affordable Phantom 2(Drones, Aerial Video/Photos) at one end of the scale and the flashy Phantom 4. At the other, it is easy to overlook the mid-range models of the Phantom 3 line. There are pros and cons to this series, but the Phantom 3 Professional proves the best drones. As it showcases the best of DJI’s photographic features with some great hardware.

There is an excellent look at the Phantom range of drones that appeals to amateur operators. It is important that the company retains this whether they are trying to sell the original model. A “professional” upgrade like this or their more recent unveiling.

This model retains the basic shape of the other design with its sleek white body. Four rotors and measures about the same in length along the diagonal. Another similarity is the function of the camera gimbal. Unfortunately, this is where buyers would have liked to see some improvements as the gimbal. Doesn’t swivel and the camera cannot be removed.

Improved Features

Best Drones for Aerial Video/Photos

The good news for all those that are thinking of upgrading from the basic Phantom 2 or 3 of this “professional” model. That some definite improvements were made to the controls and the photographic opportunities.

Unlike some of the more simple patterns in this DJI range, the 3 Professional drone is designed with video capture and aerial photography in mind. The designers have considered some elements that might affect the quality of the footage and the enjoyment of the film-maker.

The improved video capabilities with this model are very impressive. the Phantom 3 Professional has the same 4k video recording and 12.4 mp still camera of the Phantom 4 that would follow behind.

This UAV,  produces videos of a much higher quality and is far more appealing to those that want to shoot professional level footage.

It is not possible to switch out the camera for a DSLR, but many users would surely agree. There is no need to thanks the quality of the inbuilt system. In addition to this, the new camera no longer has a fisheye lens, so there is less distortion of the image. Less chance of viewers knowing that the footage was shot on a cheaper model.

As for the quality of the new controls, it is immediately clear to operators that this 3rd gen system Is much easier to handle with a smaller learning curve than the previous set-up. Flying becomes much more intuitive; there are plenty of user-friendly controls with the new controller. The continuation of the app and some say that it is easier to fly this machine indoors.

Although the health and safety implications of doing so should be taken into account with this vast, powerful machine. An extra bonus for controlling a nice smooth shot is the improved stabilization on the Phantom 3. This allows for nice sweeping shots with an air of professionalism.

Are there any new features to this Phantom3 Professional drone that perhaps shouldn’t have been made?

Best Drones for Aerial Video/Photos

The improvements in the video capabilities of this upgraded model are a definite selling point, and users seem to be getting a lot of enjoyment out of flying this machine for their film projects, but not all “new and improved” are perfect. In some cases, there are changes in the spec that may leave new users scratching their heads a little, and some changes that are just unfortunate effects of a more powerful, diverse system that are seen in many of the best drones. Here are two of the most important.

The weight: The Phantom 3 Professional weighs 1280g, the standard 3 model weighs 1216g, and the old Phantom 2 weighs just 1000g. Granted, this is just a result of the progression of these sort of devices, but it is noticeable for anyone coming here straight from the 2nd gen model.The battery power: This 3rd gen drone has a battery with a capacity of 4480mAh, while the Phantom 2 has a 35LiPo battery with a capacity of 5200mAh.

There are two key issues here. Firstly, the battery from the old model cannot be used as a spare here. Secondly, the flight time is not as high as some would like. The company promises that users will be in the air for approximately 23 minutes with the 3 Professional, which is 2 minutes less than the standard version. By the time the 4th gen model came out, the battery was back to 5350mAh and the running time was increased by around 5 minutes.

Where Phantom 3 is Lacking From Phantom 4?

Best Drones for Aerial Video/Photos

On the subject of the newest Phantom 4 drone, it is important to remind prospective buyers that while there are many similarities between this “professional” option and the upgrade that followed – especially regarding the hardware – there are two brilliant software improvements in the Phantom 4.

Sports Mode: Sports mode doesn’t have a lot of practical purposes, it is merely there to make the drone a bit faster to make it seem more agile and impressive during tricks. The Phantom 3 Professional can hit 16m/s whereas the Phantom 4 can reach 20m/s with this feature turned on. There is some potential for fast paced action shots, but it requires a steady hand and a lot of skill.

Obstacle sensing technology: This new model can sense hazards between 2-49 feet which mean that even if you fly to a person or a tree, it should avoid hitting it. There are caveats to this, and it takes some practice, but it is an excellent idea for multi-tasking filmmakers that want to take some of the pressure off.

Should filmmakers stick with the DJI Phantom 3 Professional or opt for the newer Phantom 4?

It is easy to be drawn to a unique option in this DJI range. Because there are so many changes made in the software And some are great reports about the ease of operation.

Despite that, this Phantom 3 Professional model shouldn’t be overlooked either.
But it still provides a way to capture high-end video and aerial photography. And proved the valuable tools to capture high-end video and aerial photography and had shown to be a useful tool.

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