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Aerial Photographs: Types Of Photos, Environmental Uses, and Sources To Search

Aerial photography as a technique first emerged in France. Interestingly, however, two American citizens are responsible for the oldest surviving aerial photo taken in 1860. The photo was taken from a height of 630 meters and is a depiction of Boston.

Aerial photography is best defined as the art of taking photographs of the ground from an airborne platform including both traditional and modern platforms. For example, the earliest aerial photos were taken using balloons, kites, and fixed wing aircraft.

While these are still in use, new modern platforms are in use now including helicopters and drones which are quite popular among modern photographers.

A defining feature of aerial photos is their high degrees of radial distortion; straight lines may appear as curved lines. This means that the topography is slightly altered which in turn means that any measurements taken from the aerial photo have a significant degree of … Read the rest

Best Aerial Photos You Have Ever Seen

Best Aerial Photos

Photographic competitions have long honoured the skill and artistic eye of photographers across the world. Whether they are professionals in a particular field or amateurs learning their craft.

The rise of aerial photography with drones means that there is a whole new group of photographers to celebrate. 5,900 of them from 28 countries submitted their best aerial photos for the Dronestagram competition. Here are the winners and runners-up for the three top categories.


 Best Aerial Photos

Courtesy of Dronestagram

First place went to a stunning landscape photo from Francisco Cattuto. That shows that best aerial photos are about more than the equipment.

Here the photographer has considered the angle, conditions and time of day. To line up the final shot of this beautiful architecture appearing through the clouds in the evening sun.

 Best Aerial Photos

Courtesy of Dronestagram

Second place went to something a little more abstract and artistic compared to the … Read the rest