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Best Aerial Drones Videos

Planning, filming, and editing, aerial videos can be a complicated process where practice makes perfect. There is so much to consider that 30 seconds of perfectly shot footage is an achievement.

For these reasons, the following 5 videos should command your respect. Because they all highlight the flying skill, artistic eye and technical knowledge of five filmmakers who’ve perfected their skills.  Enjoy!

1) “The Best Thing I’ve Ever Filmed…” by Clym Montgomery:

The premise of this video is simple. A young man takes the drone to the coast of North Cornwall, UK Flies it from his hotel window over the landscape and films what he sees.

There are some incredible elements to this short piece of footage. Not only are the shots perfectly smooth and brilliantly lit in the fading light. But the flight also took Montgomery 450 meters from said hotel room right out of the rugged coastline and the barely edited anything. The TBS Discovery Pro and his skilled flight were enough for one take.

2) “The Flying Year of 2014 – Showreel” by Kai Jonny Thue Venoy:Moving over to Scandinavia for a different sort of landscape and a different approach, this video is not a one-take masterpiece of “right place, right time” aerial video making, but a collection of the best videos over 2014.

Venoy used the combination of his DJI Phantom 2, Zenmuse H3-3D Gimbal, GoPro Black + and Fatshark Predator v2 to achieve these stunning shots that highlight a year well spent over the snowy peaks, lush forests, and sparse coastline.

3) “Svalbard – The High Arctic” By Peter Cox:By the time we get to Peter Cox’s video, the landscape has become even more remote. Stark as the vast ice sheets of Svalbard gleam in the pale sun.

Patchworks of broken ice on deep blue sea provide visual spectacles as the drone flies high over ships and boats, making them same like toys in this vast landscape.

Cox’s footage almost exclusively shot with a pair of GoPro Hero 3+ cameras; one mounted on a DJI Phantom 2 drone and one on a headset.

4) “Beetlecopter In The Serengeti” By Will Burrard-Lucas:
The best aerial videos from drones are all about offering something that we wouldn’t have been able to see before and use the technology to its full potential.

The video above does this by creating professional shots in a remote landscape; this video does so too by creating amateur footage in an area cameras struggle to reach.

The images, although a little shaky and fast-paced, follows animals of the Serengeti from a new angle with minimal disturbance and is all filmed with a BeetleCopter.

5) “Mongolia” By Tim Browning:
This final video takes us to Mongolia and offers drone footage. The footage contains different landscapes, cities, and temples that the creator visited over a two-day drop.

This short space of time and the variety of high-quality, slow-motion shots shows that not only was a skilled operator at work here. But the trip was also carefully planned and edited. The resulting film, created using a Phantom 2, Zenmuse H3-3D and a GoProHero4, is an engaging snapshot of a diverse country.

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