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DJI Phantom 2-Why This More Basic Model Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

 DJI Phantom 2 Reviews

 DJI Phantom 4(Best Drones For Aerial Video/Photos) catching the eye of many new drone users with its powerful software. And promises of professional level aerial photography and cinematography. The Phantom 2 may not seem like such an appealing option.

It is a much more affordable model, but it is easy to assume that the specification is good. The truth is that various basic specs are not changed and this simple “ready to fly” model has many benefits. With so many similarities and so many keen operators sticking with this model. Is it worth bypassing for the expensive Phantom 4 or the “upgraded” Phantom 3 range?


Best Drones For Aerial Video/Photos

Firstly, it is important to note that the flight capabilities of the Phantom series haven’t changed. Since the Phantom 2 created because the designers got so much right with this design. That they didn’t need to make too many changes.… Read the rest