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Use Of Thermal Cameras On Drones In Search And Rescue Operations

There can be no doubt anymore that extreme weather events are becoming more frequent in the 30-year hurricane cycle and more devastating for those involved. The sad truth is that we don’t have to look too far for the evidence, it is reported on the nightly news.

Recent scenes in Houston, TX, following the destruction of Hurricane Harvey, highlight the impact of major storms on large cities and populations. Further, flood waters continue to rage across Asia, with hundreds of lives lost and displaced.

At the time of writing, Hurricane Irma beats a path across the Caribbean, and Florida residents try to plan for evacuation. This sharp increase shows that preparation is very important, but also the search and rescue efforts need to be updated.  Rescuers now can use new state of the art equipment like the top-rated FLIR TG165 thermal imager

There is little that will impede the impact … Read the rest

Wow! Check Out These Amazing Must See Drone Videos

Planning, filming, and editing, aerial videos can be a complicated process where practice makes perfect. There is so much to consider that 30 seconds of perfectly shot footage is an achievement.

For these reasons, the following 5 videos should command your respect. Because they all highlight the flying skill, artistic eye and technical knowledge of five filmmakers who’ve perfected their skills.  Enjoy!

1) “The Best Thing I’ve Ever Filmed…” by Clym Montgomery:

The premise of this video is simple. A young man takes the drone to the coast of North Cornwall, UK Flies it from his hotel window over the landscape and films what he sees.

There are some incredible elements to this short piece of footage. Not only are the shots perfectly smooth and brilliantly lit in the fading light. But the flight also took Montgomery 450 meters from said hotel room right out of the rugged coastline and … Read the rest