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Use Of Thermal Cameras On Drones In Search And Rescue Operations

There can be no doubt anymore that extreme weather events are becoming more frequent in the 30-year hurricane cycle and more devastating for those involved. The sad truth is that we don’t have to look too far for the evidence, it is reported on the nightly news.

Recent scenes in Houston, TX, following the destruction of Hurricane Harvey, highlight the impact of major storms on large cities and populations. Further, flood waters continue to rage across Asia, with hundreds of lives lost and displaced.

At the time of writing, Hurricane Irma beats a path across the Caribbean, and Florida residents try to plan for evacuation. This sharp increase shows that preparation is very important, but also the search and rescue efforts need to be updated.  Rescuers now can use new state of the art equipment like the top-rated FLIR TG165 thermal imager

There is little that will impede the impact … Read the rest

DJI Phantom 3 Professional Reviews

Drone For Aerial Photography

With the affordable Phantom 2(Drones, Aerial Video/Photos) at one end of the scale and the flashy Phantom 4. At the other, it is easy to overlook the mid-range models of the Phantom 3 line. There are pros and cons to this series, but the Phantom 3 Professional proves the best drones. As it showcases the best of DJI’s photographic features with some great hardware.

There is an excellent look at the Phantom range of drones that appeals to amateur operators. It is important that the company retains this whether they are trying to sell the original model. A “professional” upgrade like this or their more recent unveiling.… Read the rest

DJI Phantom 4 Reviews- Is DJI Phantom 4 really Better Than The Phantom 3 Professional

DJI Phantom 4: Best Drone For Aerial Photography

Like the Phantom 3 Professional that came before it, the DJI Phantom 4 is built for “high-level aerial photography and cinematography”. This means that this is being sold as the must-have, top-of-the-line camera drone for budding film-makers.

According to Andrew Nixon at, the Phantom 4 is “the most intelligent, easy-to-operate flying camera drone available for less than $2,000.”

Sure, OK. But is this better than the Phantom 3? and could DJI go further when designing their next drones?

Similarities between the Phantom 4 and prior models

 Best Drones for Aerial Video/Photos

Size and shape: both the Phantom 3 and 4 have a diagonal size of 350mm with four pairs of propellers.And they share the same 3axis gimbal with the same pitch.

The camera: the camera offers the same field of view on the lens.The same shutter speed and similar capabilities on still photography mode. The … Read the rest

DJI Phantom 2-Why This More Basic Model Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

 DJI Phantom 2 Reviews

 DJI Phantom 4(Best Drones For Aerial Video/Photos) catching the eye of many new drone users with its powerful software. And promises of professional level aerial photography and cinematography. The Phantom 2 may not seem like such an appealing option.

It is a much more affordable model, but it is easy to assume that the specification is good. The truth is that various basic specs are not changed and this simple “ready to fly” model has many benefits. With so many similarities and so many keen operators sticking with this model. Is it worth bypassing for the expensive Phantom 4 or the “upgraded” Phantom 3 range?


Best Drones For Aerial Video/Photos

Firstly, it is important to note that the flight capabilities of the Phantom series haven’t changed. Since the Phantom 2 created because the designers got so much right with this design. That they didn’t need to make too many changes.… Read the rest