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Wow! Check Out These Amazing Must See Drone Videos

Planning, filming, and editing, aerial videos can be a complicated process where practice makes perfect. There is so much to consider that 30 seconds of perfectly shot footage is an achievement.

For these reasons, the following 5 videos should command your respect. Because they all highlight the flying skill, artistic eye and technical knowledge of five filmmakers who’ve perfected their skills.  Enjoy!

1) “The Best Thing I’ve Ever Filmed…” by Clym Montgomery:

The premise of this video is simple. A young man takes the drone to the coast of North Cornwall, UK Flies it from his hotel window over the landscape and films what he sees.

There are some incredible elements to this short piece of footage. Not only are the shots perfectly smooth and brilliantly lit in the fading light. But the flight also took Montgomery 450 meters from said hotel room right out of the rugged coastline and … Read the rest

Some Of The Best Drone Videos Ever Made

Best Drone For Aerial  Videos

Drones are allowing us to capture the world on film in ways that we never thought possible As technology advances. These machines become more and more capable of longer flight times, stable, controlled flights and impressive photographic specifications. The greater the chance of producing a professional looking film.

The four aerial videos are perfect examples of what can achieve with a drone. It contains  a good camera system, a steady hand on the controls and a good editor.

With the right amount of time and patience, it is possible to fool viewers into thinking. They are looking at a professional piece of footage, and the drone aspect fades into the background.

1) The World’s Very Best Drone Videos – November 2015:

The first videos in this list are not one film-maker’s single project but rather a compilation of some of the best efforts seen over … Read the rest