Some Of The Best Drone Videos Ever Made

Best camera for aerial videos

Best Drone For Aerial  Videos

Drones are allowing us to capture the world on film in ways that we never thought possible As technology advances. These machines become more and more capable of longer flight times, stable, controlled flights and impressive photographic specifications. The greater the chance of producing a professional looking film.

The four aerial videos are perfect examples of what can achieve with a drone. It contains  a good camera system, a steady hand on the controls and a good editor.

With the right amount of time and patience, it is possible to fool viewers into thinking. They are looking at a professional piece of footage, and the drone aspect fades into the background.

1) The World’s Very Best Drone Videos – November 2015:

The first videos in this list are not one film-maker’s single project but rather a compilation of some of the best efforts seen over 2015. This entry from Epic Drone Videos takes clips from some of the best drone-filmed videos to create a patchwork of aerial landscapes that takes the viewer around the world.

The images are crisp, clean and colorful, and the shots are smooth and well-paced. Not only do they look professionally made, a viewer seeing this without the title attached may not realize they were filmed by drones at all.

2) Most Beautiful Drone Videos Ever Filmed 2015 – Our Planet Is Amazing:

This video, again from Epic Drone Videos, takes a similar approach to the subject matter. This difference is that there is a grander feel to the footage that makes the subtitle of the film completely understandable.

The soundtrack does add to the epic feel of this landscape videography, but the main thought on viewing it is that this made with skillful, professional flight.

There are many points in the remote landscapes and high shots where it seems almost impossible that the footage created with mid-level DJI drones and GoPros.

3) The Final Drone Videos Of Surfing 2016:

The next submission takes the same principle of the aerial videos above by creating a compilation of different pieces of footage, only this time there is a stronger theme to tie them all together.

This video takes footage from a group of different videographers who used their DJI drones – from the Inspire to the Phantom 3 Professional – to create a unique view of surfers in Bali, the Maldives, and California.

These tiny devices track surfers for high aerial shots of tricks and get low to the water to highlight the waves, never once stuttering on a shot, messing up the lighting or seeming amateur at all.

4) Helsinki By Air (2015):

The final video is different because it is the work of one individual. The professional feel of the footage suggests that the operator used something substantial to get those smooth tracking shots of the trams and traffic.

But the reality is that the creator, Erno Hank, used one of the most attractive and accessible drones around – the DJI Phantom 3 Professional – and only edited the footage with Adobe Premiere Elements 14.

The drone glides between buildings and pans out of key locations to reveal a stunning cityscape. The result is crisp, smooth vision of the Helsinki that seems a low-budget tourism video rather than personal project.

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